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Your Whirlpool smart oven can now act as an air fryer, too

One of the major perks of smart home technology is that you don’t necessarily have to buy a new appliance to get new features. Whirlpool made that all the more obvious at CES 2022 today when the company announced a software update coming to the Smart Slide-in Gas and Electric Ranges, as well as the Smart Single, Double, and Combination Wall Ovens through an “instant over-the-air upgrade.” Imagine that: A software update that adds the functionality of a completely different appliance to something you already have.

The addition of the air fry functionality isn’t all that Whirlpool smart ovens are getting, either. They’ll soon be able to connect to the Yummly smart thermometer. This might seem like a minor update, but there’s actually a lot of functionality packed into the smart thermometer, too. The thermometer’s app has a lot of recipes packed in, and it can start preheating your oven based on which recipe you’re using. The thermometer can connect to your smartphone from up to 150 feet away and can guide even the most inexperienced home cook toward a delicious finish. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, the main thing to remember is that heat is your best friend and your worst enemy. Too much heat and you burn your dish, but too little and it comes out gross. A smart thermometer can help zero in that Goldilocks temperature.

If the idea of air frying something in your oven excites you, you’ll be even more thrilled to know that an air fry basket will be available starting in early 2022. What’s most interesting, though, is the phrasing of the press release. It says that “The first of Whirlpool brand’s Smarter Over Time upgrades…” which would imply that more improvements are already in the works and just not announced yet.

Whirlpool has mentioned before that it is committed to improving its smart appliances over time and continuing to add value long after customers have completed their purchase. If this smart oven upgrade is evidence of that, it’s exciting to think about what else the company may have just over the horizon.


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