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Xander Bogaerts na caminda pa Atlanta Braves?

In a somewhat shocking but not unexpected development the Red Sox are discussing a trade with the Atlanta Braves involving Xander Bogaerts. According to sources that wish to remain nameless, the Braves are looking to pair young phenom Ronald Acuna and the remaining two years of Freddie Freeman with a championship caliber player.

The Braves Have The Payroll

The Braves are just above league average payroll according to Spotrac, coming in at an un-adjusted number of $189.8 Million. Marcell Ozuna is on a one year $18 Million deal that comes off the books next year. This is the key to opening enough salary to add Xander Bogaerts and his $20 Million annual salary. This could be either just through 2022 when he could opt out, or remaining on the books until 2026. The Braves are hoping Xander would opt in to be paired with Acuna though 2026, as Acuna is signed through 2028.

So if the Red Sox are rebuilding for a few years down the road, maybe they try to cash in on Bogaerts. The odds are slim, and even if that is the thinking, such a trade is more likely to happen in the offseason, when every team's prospect pool opens up.

Also worth noting is that all the top teams are set at shortstop, although maybe a team like the Braves could flip some of its young pitching and an outfielder like Drew Waters for Bogaerts to play third base.

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