Caribbean Sea Jazz

Izaline Calister

Saturday September 24

Hits100 Entrevista di Dia.

Izaline Calister (Curaçao, 1969), Edison Award winner in 2009, has built an impressive track record in the past 12 years. With her charming style she gathered a loyal group of fans worldwide. Sometimes modest, then exciting again, Izaline possesses the exceptional gift that makes all the difference for a soloist, as she sings in her mother tongue, Papiamentu, with feeling and grace. She has this ability to remain true to her roots and successfully reach out and conquer audiences around the world singing in an unfamiliar language, while seamlessly melding the pulsating rhythms of Afro Antilles music with Jazz.

The songs Wow’i Kariño, Kanta Hélele, Sa Sa Na Awasa and more recent. Bendisiona were number 1 hits in the Caribbean. Her studio albums Sono di un Muhé, Mariposa, Krioyo, Kanta Hélele and Speransa are released worldwide.

Izalines music is a fusion between the traditional music of her birth island Curaçao, and jazz with Afro Caribbean influences. With her great band and special composed sets she is able to charm her audience on any occasion. Izaline performs throughout Europe, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Korea, the U.S.A. and South America and she played on many national and international festivals such as the Cape Town Jazz Festival, Rome Jazz Festival, Cervantino Festival Mexico, Sofia and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

The BBC made and broadcasted a mini-documentary about Izaline in 2006. In 2007 Izaline sings for the Queen during the Liberation Festival, accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra. In 2010 Izaline was asked by the United Nations to perform a song at their head office in New York during the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery. She played there with the world famous guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers. Izaline worked together with so many musicians and artists. In 2011 she toured through the Dutch theatres called Nomads in cooperation with the Brazilian singer Lilian Vieira and the Moluccan singer Julya L’Oko.

Izaline is also a much asked soloist. She played amongst others with the Dutch music theatre company het Volksoperahuis; recorded a song with Dutch rap artist Fresku and she worked several times with the Metropole Orchestra and many other orchestras. Her latest studio album (2012) was also produced, written and composed by herself, accompanied by her great musicians. The album is called Kandela (Fire) on which she performs Cuban boleros, Brazilian bossa novas and other Latin American music in Papiamentu, her mother tongue.

In the summer of 2013, Izaline, together with Het Volksoperahuis, developed a special special music theatre production ‘No love without freedom’ (the story of Mosa Nena & Buchi Fil). This production was presented during the festivities around the remembrance of 150 years abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. In addition, in the fall of 2013, she featured “Tambu”, from music theatre group Volksoperahuis with whom she toured Dutch theatres. In 2014/2015 she toured the Dutch theatres again with Barricade- a music theatre production about protestsongs and she also featured in one of the biggest jazz productions in the Netherlands: ‘New York Round Midnight’. In the mean time she was working on a new album which was released April 2016.

Kool & The Gang

Friday September 23

Kool & the Gang has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to songs like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame, they’ve earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, nine Top Ten Pop hits and 31 gold and platinum albums. Kool & the Gang has performed continuously for the past 43 years, longer than any R&B group in history. Their bulletproof funk and jazzy arrangements have also made them the most sampled band of all time.

In 1979, Kool & the Gang unveiled a smooth new sound with Ladies Night. Produced by the legendary Pop/Jazz musician Eumir Deodato, it became their first platinum album. The #1 R&B title track also Page 3 reached #8 at Pop. It was followed by Too Hot (#3 R&B, #5 Pop). The 80’s would see them dominate the mainstream, starting with the double platinum-selling album Celebrate (driven by the international monster hit Celebration, which spent six weeks atop the R&B chart and became a #1 Pop single). Celebration, which played as the American hostages returned from Iran, remains de rigueur at joyous occasions worldwide. The smashes Get Down On It, Take My Heart, Let’s Go Dancing, Joanna, Tonight, Misled, the #1 R&B, #2 Pop giant Cherish and the #1 R&B anthem Fresh (these last three from the multiplatinum LP Emergency) solidified the group’s international stardom. Kool & the Gang landed global commercial endorsements, supported countless charitable causes and were the only American group to participate in Band Aid’s 1984 Do They Know It’s Christmas project for famine victims in Africa. With the explosion of hip-hop in the 90’s, Kool & the Gang’s incredible catalog of grooves made them DJ favorites. They were second only to R&B icon James Brown as sources of rap music samples. 2004’s The Hits Reloaded found the band collaborating with Lil’ Kim, Sean Paul, Ashanti, and Blackstreet, among others. The band re-entered the Billboard R&B chart with 2006’s Steppin’ Into Love. In the same year, Kool & the Gang received the NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) Chairman Award for lifetime achievement in record sales. Kool & the Gang released a new studio album titled Still Kool in July 2007 on New Door Records/UME. In 2009 Kool & the Gang made history when they became one of only a handful of American acts to perform in Cuba in recent years. The group broke down cultural boundaries staging a free outdoor concert in Havana. In 2012 Kool & the Gang embarked on a very successful 52 city tour with Van Halen.

UNITY: MJ Tribute Tony Succar ft. Jon Secada

Saturday September 24

The 2016 edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will rock your world, with a soul-thumping performance of Latin tribute band ‘Unity’, featuring Latin pop sensation Jon Secada.

Born in Peru and raised in Miami, talented multi-instrumentalist and composer Tony Succar had already developed a great ear for infusing Latin spirit into famous classical jazz arrangements at a young age. Shortly after Michael Jackson left the world with only his legacy, Tony felt he wanted to pay homage to his musical hero and founded the project Unity: A Latin tribute to Michael Jackson. For this and previous prestigious projects, he worked together with great names, such as Arturo Sandoval, Néstor Torres, Tito Nieves, La India, Obie Bermúdez and Tito Puente Jr. When he met multiple Grammy winner Jon Secada, magic was bound to happen. The Cuban singer-songwriter, famous for various hits like Just Another Day and his collaborations with Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin, immediately fell for the feelgood quality of the project. In a heartfelt collaboration with Unity, he recorded a soulful salsa rendition of the iconic MJ song Human Nature.

Unity’s live performances have touched the souls of audiences with their sizzling hot interpretation of the coolest Michael Jackson songs. From the moment the Latin big band takes over the stage with their blazing beats and stunning visuals, they bring a performance that shakes the soul down the spine and straight into the hips. Adding Latin flavour to the songs you grew up to know so well, the 16-people strong musical formation is bound to blow you away and straight into a trip down memory lane. On this year’s edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, Unity with Tony Succar featuring Jon Secada is dedicated to not only honor, but to celebrate Michael Jackson.


Friday September 23

Dumpstaphunk stands out among New Orleans’ best as one of the funkiest bands to ever arise from the Crescent City. Born on the Jazz & Heritage Festival stage, and descended from Neville family bloodlines, these soldiers of funk ignite a deep, gritty groove that dares listeners not to move. Their performances combine ingenious musicianship and complex funk and jazz arrangements with soulful melodies that are simple enough for anyone to enjoy. In Big Easy tradition, dueling baselines from Tony Hall and Nick Daniels III set off one of the dirtiest rhythm sections on the planet, while Ivan Neville lights up the Hammond B3 keys and cousin Ian Neville’s funky guitar riffs send the groove into overdrive. The band recently welcomed their newest member, Alvin Ford Jr. to the quintet, a New Orleans born and raised powerhouse drummer. Dumpstaphunk tosses around lead vocals and four-part harmonies the way Sly & the Family Stone did, but with three studio albums under their belt, Dumpstaphunk stands on the merit of their own material. Songs like “Dancin’ To The Truth” off their latest record, Dirty Word (July 30, 2013, Louisiana Red Hot Records), offer an escape into the funky sublime, sharing the true spirit of New Orleans with every note.

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New Cool Collective & Matt Bianco

Friday September 23

Know that feeling when you’ve caught an infectious tune, making you dance and sing on the street as if nobody’s watching? You better start practicing your moves and belts, if you’re coming to see New Cool Collective perform on this year’s edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival! A group of refined gentlemen from The Netherlands bringing their own unique style: a slick fusion of latin, afrobeat, dance, boogaloo and certainly not the least, jazz.

Proclaimed to be the ‘Dutch pioneers of jazz’, the group has not only made a reputable name for themselves in their home country, but has owned the stage of countless chic jazz clubs and famous festivals across the globe. Forming a ‘small big band’, NCC consists of Benjamin Herman (saxophone), David Rockefeller (trumpet), Rory Donde (guitar), Leslie Lopez (bass), Willem Friede (keyboard), Joost Kroon (drums), Frank van Dok (percussions) and Jos de Haas (percussions). Their collaborations include respected names, such as Tony Allen, Mapacha Africa, and Typhoon.

24 years of grooving unstoppably has granted them a current great demand and numerous awards. Their contribution to the Dutch movie ‘Toegetakeld Door De Liefde’ has received the prestigious Colden Calf award, the highest artistic distinction in The Netherlands. Their musical versatility has inspired both old-time favs and modern day singers, resulting in an upcoming performance with jazz legend Gregory Porter and the catchy track ‘Cry’ from their latest album ‘The Things You Love’, featuring Clean Bandit singer Elisabeth Troy. Although their name may suggest otherwise, NCC is definitely not a new kid in town, but it is simply the coolest.

Matt Bianco is a UK band that was formed in 1983. They are mainly known for their success in the mid-1980s and their jazz, Latin-flavoured music. It is often assumed that Matt Bianco is a person, but in fact it’s the name the band. The frontman and lead singer of this band is Mark Reilly. Last autumn New Cool Collective released an EP with Mark Reilly and launched ‘The Things You Love’ tour. There were performances in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Indonesia and Japan. NCC and Mark Reilly gelled so well together that another set of songs were recorded in their studio in Amsterdam. The new numbers appeared with the EP tracks on a full-length album. The Matt Bianco classic ‘Don’t Blame It On That Girl’ got a complete NCC & Matt Bianco makeover for the new album. The NCC song ‘Bring it On’ was also recreated together with Matt Bianco into a more swinging version. Happy listening and enjoy this great show at CSJF 2016!

Tony Succar Latin Show

Friday September 23

What do you get when you take a multi-talented musical prodigy, mix in a group of world-class instrumentalists, and spice it up with a hip-grinding dose of Latin salsa? Straight up: The Tony Succar Latin Show! On the 10th edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, Tony and his crew will bring the flavour with a special performance that will shake the body and stir the soul.

At the refreshing age of 13, Peruvian-born Tony quickly became a hit on percussions in the Succar family band. Already a practiced pianist, he continued exploring his instrumental diversity, supported by his musical education and the fact that he was raised in a musical melting pot Miami. He developed a great feel for arranging and composing that he first shared on his graduation project showcased in Wertheim Performing Art Canter in Miami. His creative blend of Latin sounds and classical arrangements granted him excellent reviews, and a position on his own musical school, making him the youngest to hold this appointment to date.

Always looking to reinvent classic jazz tunes and famous pop songs into a cocktail that brings out his Latin spirit, Tony has proven to have a great taste for collaborative artists. Acknowledged names he had worked with include: Kevin Ceballo, Jean Rodriquez, Michael Stuart, Jennifer Peña and multiple Grammy winner Jon Secada for this exclusive show he will grace the stage with an enthusiastic group of musicians and a fiery mix of classic hit and tropical beats, that will make you want to grab for a refreshment. Bottoms up.

Levi Silvanie & Randal Corsen

Saturday September 24

Born on Curaçao on November 7, 1987, Levi Juda Nathaniel Silvanie is a true Caribbean artist. One who was born with music in his heart and rhythm in his soul. From the age of six, Levi wanted nothing else than to play the drums. Due to his undeniable talent, he became the drummer of Duo Gleva at the young age of twelve. Not much later, Levi started playing the guitar – adding melodies to the rhythms that flowed through his veins.

Levi’s music can be described as Pop music with a Alternative World Music sound. He sings his songs in english and papiamento, the native language of his birthplace Curaçao. Levi toured the Caribbean in 2010 and 2011 after releasing his first EP entitled ‘Pret di Paden’ which includes the hit single ‘Djis mi mes’. The absolute highlight of that tour was his debut at the Curacao North Sea Jazz festival 2011.

Randal Corsen (1972, Curaçao), pianist, composer and arranger, is known for his combination of jazz and Antillian and Latin-American classical music. He studied piano in the conservatory of Tilburg in the Netherlands. For his cd ‘Evolushon’ he received the Edison Jazz Award 2004. Currently he is allied to the conservatories of Tilburg and Amsterdam. With Konjunto Antiyano, a traditional Antillean quartet, he made a repertoire that travels between Chopin, Antillean classical music and Antillean folklore. The quartet also plays classical compositions by the great great grandfather of Randal Corsen, the poet and componist Joseph Sickman Corsen. The author of ‘Atardi’, the first and the most well known poem in Papiamento literature. With Eric Calmes on double bass, Ulrich de Jesus on kwarta and guitar and Eric Brigitha percussion.

Caribbo ft. Andy Narell

Friday September 23

A spine-tingling and soul-shaking initiative from master of percussions Harvey Wirht and musical prodigy Etienne Stadswijk (better known as A.T.N.)

Born to a Surinamese family in The Netherlands, keyboard player and vocalist Etienne has composed musical success stories ever since he followed a major in Contemporary arranging on the reputable Berklee Music College in Boston. When he reconnected with fellow college graduate and Suriname-rooted Harvey, who set the beat for great names as Ziggy Marley and Angelique Kidjo, magic was bound to happen. For this prestigious project they are joined by vocalist and conga player Philip Hamilton from The US, Cuban contrabassist Yunior Terry, and a special guest performance by NYC steelpan player Andy Narell.

The fusion of the group member’s individual styles brings to the stage an infectuous sound, that proudly represents the cultural diversity of Suriname. In a rave review they were praised for adding traditional Winti themes to their performing set, and the jazzy sound they layered it with. The blend of uplifting percussions, deep bass sounds and smooth keyboard arrangements will send you on an exotic journey, one switi poku (literally: sweet song) after another. As a perfect representation of what the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival stands for, CARIBBO will be one memorable act to look out for.

César López & Habana Ensemble

Saturday September 24

Currently one of the leading exponents of Latin Jazz is done in Cuba, César López took his first steps in music at 10 years of age, and at the age of 13, he won the 1st prize in the Cuban saxophone. He entered the National Art School in 1985 and began, simultaneously, his professional life with the renowned Cuban musician Bobby Carcasés, where he made his first forays into jazz.

In 1988, for their exceptional condition as a musician and instrumentalist, is selected by famed jazz musician Chucho Valdés to integrate the renowned Cuban band Irakere, where he worked as an instrumentalist for 9 years. In this band, the Grammy Award winner, developed a successful international career, appearing at the most prestigious festivals, theaters and clubs in the world, which gave him the opportunity to share the stage with many musical personalities: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gladis Knignit, Chik Korea, Branford Marsalis, Winston Marsallis, Michel Camilo, Paquito D’Rivera, Tito Puentes, Arturo Sandoval and Al Pimeola, among others.

Cesar, ranked by critics as the Charlie Parkes Cuban decided in 1997 to form his band “Havana Ensemble, integrated from the beginning by musicians of prestige in Cuban music. Habana Ensemble has, in formulating a series of new elements in the musical and aesthetic, that different from other Cuban groups. The fact that the school had as Irakere, makes these young talents to achieve masters of their instruments, and its forays into Latin jazz virtuoso samples. Habana Ensemble takes within its repertoire of jazz and Cuban popular music (boleros, salsa, etc..) Which fused with a contemporary sound in which the improvisations take a decisive, which makes each of their performances in an authentic and unique work of art.

César López, with his band Habana Ensemble, has continued its trail of national and international successes. In 2006, his CD “Andante” (Bis Music), won the Award for Best Jazz Album in the main event and the recording industry in Cuba, Cubadisco. During the 2008 edition of this important festival, César López & Habana Ensemble were awarded the prize for best instrumental album with his CD “Classics of Cuba”, in recognition of the excellent work performed by these extraordinary musicians over the last decade.


Ben Liebrand

Saturday September 24

A well-known Dutch house remixer (though he claims his work is more geared to genuine cover versions because of the re-recording process he embarks on), Liebrand recorded in his own right in the 90s with ‘Eve Of The War’ and ‘Black Belly’. His remixes include high-profile work for Phil Collins and Hot Chocolate. Within a more conventional dance format he also produced the Crystal Palace featuring CP’s ‘Son Of Godzilla’. His solo album featured British vocalist Carol Kenyon (of Heaven 17’s ‘Temptation’ fame) and rapper Toni Scott. ‘I’ve always enjoyed being a bit in the background’, he maintained. His chart successes include Jeff Lynne’s ‘Eve Of The War’, Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’, Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’, Vangelis’ ‘Puls(t)ar’ and the Ram Jam Band’s ‘Black Berry’. All were created originally for his own radio show on Radio Veronica in Holland.

Serghio Jansen

Saturday September 24

Serghio Jansen is a world-class musician, music educator, composer, and graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

After graduating Serghio moved to New York City where he played at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club, performed with multiple artists, and toured in the US. According to Bass Musician online magazine, “Serghio Jansen masters the art of epic guitar solos.”

Serghio is a virtuoso guitarist. His solos are electrifying and totally unpredictable, going into directions you do not expect while adding color and deep emotional turns. His guitar playing reflects a high technical mastery of his instrument. Not wanting to be boxed into genres of music, he considers all genres as his playground.

Serghio’s goal is to give Aruba more international recognition in the music scene. At his young age, he has already recorded on over 10 international CDs. On the Elan Trotman CD, he recorded with Luis Conte, Terrylyn Carrington, Luis Conte, Alex Al and Ricky Lawson, drummer and bass player of Michael jackson. In addition, he has played with multiple Grammy award winning artists such as Oscar Stagnaro, Mark Walker, Alex Brown, Angelique Kidjo, Jorge Drexler, with Chucho Valdez in Boston at the Agganis Arena, and at many festivals such as the Rochester Jazz Festival (New York), Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival (Aruba), the London Jazz Festival, and jazz festivals in Taiwan and Venezuela.

JEMM’s Prince Tribute

Friday September 23

The Noisy People as they were called over two decades ago when playing as the house band for “The Cellar”. J.E.M.M. has been around for almost 23 years now and just returned from a very successful tour in the Caribbean. Like always they gonna make you want to move your feet and make you groove. On this 10th edition of the CSJF, a tribute to the legendary artist “Prince”, will raise your hairs for sure. “Hearing is believing” is a saying that totally agrees with this phenomenal band. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Franklin Jazz Orchestra

Friday September 23

This year the Franklin Granadillo Jazz Orchestra will be performing for it’s second time at the CSJF 2016. The focus of this orchestra is to incorporate various local styles of music with original standard compositions. The goal is also to have an institutionalized platform in which skilled young players can participate and develop proper playing concepts and improvisational skills in an ensemble. The orchestra consist of professional musicians mixed with several talented and promising young musicians wo are currently studying at Skol di Musica Rufo Wever.

Bonarriba & Croeze

Friday September 23

Raised and influenced by the rhythms and culture of Aruba, Jeremy Bonarriba and Jose Croeze fuse generations of the Island’s rich and multi cultural musical legacy with their own deep-rooted connection to Jazz, world music and Elctronic elements. Merging their production styles seamlessly, the duo creates a refreshingly original take on electronic Caribbean music. The live show transcends expectations with Jose’s seasoned Jazz/Caribbean/Dub vibes on Bass and Drummer Jeremy Bonarriba’s thunderous style on drums.

Don’t miss this exciting project that the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba has brought together for you.

Carlos Bislip Caribbean Combo

Saturday September 24

The Caribbean Combo in an established ensemble of the Scol di Musica Rufo Wever under the Leadership of Carlos Bislip. The concept of this ensemble is to familiarize the young student with Rhythms of our region “The Caribbean and South America” and using songs of the “Great American Song Book” as vehicles to achieve its goal. The Caribbean Combo is in existence for five years now, where many young musicians participants were schooled and trained in the Performance Practices of both Jazz and Caribbean. Many of these young musicians have now gone on to form part of many musical groups in various genres such as Tropical Music and have performed in various editions Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. The ages of the participants of this edition of the Caribbean Combo ranges from 13 to 20 years of age.

Frankie Yanga

Saturday September 24

For more than three decades, Frankie Yanga has been well known to the music community for his unique approach to the bass guitar. Frankie is an active live performer that plays many venues, concerts and jazz festivals. His live performances are memorable events. Frankie Yanga composes his own music, and performs in the Caribbean and schedule to perform in other countries, with His Trio under name the Frankie Yanga Trio.

Live X-pressions

Friday September 23

So what do you do when you study at Cas di Cultura’s famed music academy and you want to go out and play? You start a band!  That’s exactly what the brothers Jeanoir and Pierre Koolman did, forming their band Live Xpressions. First playing at local malls about three years ago, then in hotels.  The following year they were already booked at Caribbean Sea Jazz. “At first our concept was more instrumental, with a four-piece band”, recalls Jeanoir Koolman. “Nowadays we have a different setup. For this year’s festival we’re planning to play more pop.” Jeanoir plays guitar and Pierre plays the drums, while Milly Hernandez plays bass. Gyslaine Helder sings, while Ronald Hopman plays saxophone and Johnny Scharbaay sits in on piano. “We have tons of influences, but actually one of our favorite bands right now is Maroon 5. We have quite a few of their songs in our repertoire.” The idea of the band these days is to play popular songs with a decidedly jazzy twist. “It’s our way of introducing jazz to people who are not familiar with it. For example, one of the songs we’ve given an entirely new direction is Nivana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. We like the idea of having people recognize a song but hear it in a completely different way.”


Friday September 23Saturday September 24

Fuente trio is an extract of the original band Fuente, which consists of 10 musicians.  Trio members Susjaira Kerpens (vocals and guitar), Siegfried Hart (Caha and minor percussion) and Ivan Quandus (six string bass) plays a variety of music mixed with a flavour of Jazz. Styles from pop, Latin, Caribbean and local music and Susjaira with her beautiful voice gives the music a special touch.