UNITY: MJ Tribute Tony Succar ft. Jon Secada

Saturday September 24

The 2016 edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will rock your world, with a soul-thumping performance of Latin tribute band ‘Unity’, featuring Latin pop sensation Jon Secada.

Born in Peru and raised in Miami, talented multi-instrumentalist and composer Tony Succar had already developed a great ear for infusing Latin spirit into famous classical jazz arrangements at a young age. Shortly after Michael Jackson left the world with only his legacy, Tony felt he wanted to pay homage to his musical hero and founded the project Unity: A Latin tribute to Michael Jackson. For this and previous prestigious projects, he worked together with great names, such as Arturo Sandoval, Néstor Torres, Tito Nieves, La India, Obie Bermúdez and Tito Puente Jr. When he met multiple Grammy winner Jon Secada, magic was bound to happen. The Cuban singer-songwriter, famous for various hits like Just Another Day and his collaborations with Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin, immediately fell for the feelgood quality of the project. In a heartfelt collaboration with Unity, he recorded a soulful salsa rendition of the iconic MJ song Human Nature.

Unity’s live performances have touched the souls of audiences with their sizzling hot interpretation of the coolest Michael Jackson songs. From the moment the Latin big band takes over the stage with their blazing beats and stunning visuals, they bring a performance that shakes the soul down the spine and straight into the hips. Adding Latin flavour to the songs you grew up to know so well, the 16-people strong musical formation is bound to blow you away and straight into a trip down memory lane. On this year’s edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, Unity with Tony Succar featuring Jon Secada is dedicated to not only honor, but to celebrate Michael Jackson.