New Cool Collective & Matt Bianco

Friday September 23

Know that feeling when you’ve caught an infectious tune, making you dance and sing on the street as if nobody’s watching? You better start practicing your moves and belts, if you’re coming to see New Cool Collective perform on this year’s edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival! A group of refined gentlemen from The Netherlands bringing their own unique style: a slick fusion of latin, afrobeat, dance, boogaloo and certainly not the least, jazz.

Proclaimed to be the ‘Dutch pioneers of jazz’, the group has not only made a reputable name for themselves in their home country, but has owned the stage of countless chic jazz clubs and famous festivals across the globe. Forming a ‘small big band’, NCC consists of Benjamin Herman (saxophone), David Rockefeller (trumpet), Rory Donde (guitar), Leslie Lopez (bass), Willem Friede (keyboard), Joost Kroon (drums), Frank van Dok (percussions) and Jos de Haas (percussions). Their collaborations include respected names, such as Tony Allen, Mapacha Africa, and Typhoon.

24 years of grooving unstoppably has granted them a current great demand and numerous awards. Their contribution to the Dutch movie ‘Toegetakeld Door De Liefde’ has received the prestigious Colden Calf award, the highest artistic distinction in The Netherlands. Their musical versatility has inspired both old-time favs and modern day singers, resulting in an upcoming performance with jazz legend Gregory Porter and the catchy track ‘Cry’ from their latest album ‘The Things You Love’, featuring Clean Bandit singer Elisabeth Troy. Although their name may suggest otherwise, NCC is definitely not a new kid in town, but it is simply the coolest.

Matt Bianco is a UK band that was formed in 1983. They are mainly known for their success in the mid-1980s and their jazz, Latin-flavoured music. It is often assumed that Matt Bianco is a person, but in fact it’s the name the band. The frontman and lead singer of this band is Mark Reilly. Last autumn New Cool Collective released an EP with Mark Reilly and launched ‘The Things You Love’ tour. There were performances in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Indonesia and Japan. NCC and Mark Reilly gelled so well together that another set of songs were recorded in their studio in Amsterdam. The new numbers appeared with the EP tracks on a full-length album. The Matt Bianco classic ‘Don’t Blame It On That Girl’ got a complete NCC & Matt Bianco makeover for the new album. The NCC song ‘Bring it On’ was also recreated together with Matt Bianco into a more swinging version. Happy listening and enjoy this great show at CSJF 2016!