Live X-pressions

Friday September 23

So what do you do when you study at Cas di Cultura’s famed music academy and you want to go out and play? You start a band!  That’s exactly what the brothers Jeanoir and Pierre Koolman did, forming their band Live Xpressions. First playing at local malls about three years ago, then in hotels.  The following year they were already booked at Caribbean Sea Jazz. “At first our concept was more instrumental, with a four-piece band”, recalls Jeanoir Koolman. “Nowadays we have a different setup. For this year’s festival we’re planning to play more pop.” Jeanoir plays guitar and Pierre plays the drums, while Milly Hernandez plays bass. Gyslaine Helder sings, while Ronald Hopman plays saxophone and Johnny Scharbaay sits in on piano. “We have tons of influences, but actually one of our favorite bands right now is Maroon 5. We have quite a few of their songs in our repertoire.” The idea of the band these days is to play popular songs with a decidedly jazzy twist. “It’s our way of introducing jazz to people who are not familiar with it. For example, one of the songs we’ve given an entirely new direction is Nivana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. We like the idea of having people recognize a song but hear it in a completely different way.”